Committor-Consistent Variational String Method. The treatment of slow and rare transitions in the simulation of complex systems poses a great computational challenge. A powerful approach to tackle this challenge is the string method, which represents the transition path as a one-dimensional curve in a multidimensional space of collective variables. Commonly used strategies for pathway optimization include aligning the tangent of the string to the local mean force or to the mean drift determined from swarms of short trajectories. Here, a novel strategy is proposed, allowing the string to be optimized based on a variational principle involving the unidirectional reactive flux expressed in terms of the time-correlation function of the committor. The method is illustrated with model systems and then probed with the alanine dipeptide and a coarse-grained model of the barstar-barnase protein complex. Successive iterations variationally refine the string toward an optimal transition pathway following the gradient of the committor between two metastable states. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2022.

Recent publications

Free Energy Methods for the Description of Molecular Processes
Christophe Chipot;
Annual Review of Biophysics (2023) 52 (1):
A Practical Guide to Recent Advances in Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of BiomoleculesEnhanced Sampling Based on Collective Variables
Yong Wang; Ruhong Zhou; Haohao Fu; Wensheng Cai; Christophe Chipot; Xueguang Shao; (2023) 1-22
Chasing collective variables using temporal data-driven strategies
Haochuan Chen; Christophe Chipot;
QRB Discovery (2023) 413 (242-


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